We're located right here in Long Beach to assist you. Finding someone locally to handle your project can sometimes be a problem, but we are here to help. All our services are done in-house or in the Long Beach area.
Our services include Video and Film Transfer, Digital Editing, DVD Authoring & Duplication and Web Services. We specialize in Post Production of corporate, business, promotional and event presentations as well as video montages for businesses and personal events. We can provide you with a quality production at a reasonable cost.

The digital age is here and you may be wanting to preserve all your old videotapes containing your family memories and personal histories to a digital format like DVD, Blu-ray or digital files. Many video tapes taken years ago are rapidly aging and even the equipment to play them is disappearing. We can help you digitally transfer them before its too late. We transfer most media - including formats like 8mm, Super8, and 16mm Film, VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, and Umatic (3/4") video tapes. If you prefer, we can also convert to digital files which can be played on your computer, uploaded to YouTube or serve as a backup.

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